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Suffolk Oral Surgery Associates, LLP

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Patient Review by Jennifer R

Dr. G and entire staff are phenomenal. They are kind, patient skilled. Coming from a person that hates going to the dentist, this was an easy and pleasant experience. Thank you team for the exceptional level of service you provide! HIGHLY recommend people.

- Jennifer R

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Patient Review by Dina S

Wisdom teeth out! I’m have no pain. Suffolk Oral Surgery Associates LLP are amazing! The staff is compassionate and friendly. The dentists are knowledgeable and professional. Seriously the best experience at a dentist office. 100000000% recommend to everyone that needs dental surgery.

- Dina S

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Patient Review by Susan B

Everyone has been very helpful and patient with me, I have been here a few times and have always been treated with kid gloves because I am not a fan of any kind of oral problems.

- Susan B

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Patient Review by James V

Great experience! Friendly staff , great doctor.

- James V

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Patient Review by Michael S

My son had all four impacted wisdom teeth out over winter break. Dr First said it was his most difficult case this month. My son had no swelling and minimal pain even though Dr. First said he would be sore. The front desk and assistants very friendly too. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Michael S

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Patient Review by Karen S

Very professional and friendly explains procedure and what to expect every step of the way office is very clean everyone was personable thank you for an amazing experience!

- Karen S

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Patient Review by Barbara M

Professional. Friendly. Kind. Amazingly compassionate!

- Barbara M

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Patient Review by Nancy M

The Best

- Nancy M

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Patient Review by Melissa R

My son had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. First and he was amazing made my son and I feel so welcome and comfortable and walked us through step by step before and after the procedure. The staff went above and beyond assisting me from day 1 and over the next few days on what to do and what to expect. Now I see the reasons why my dentist recommended Suffolk Oral Surgery Associates. They treat you like family! I would recommend anyone who needs oral surgery to go here it was a real pleasure. I would give more than 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Melissa R

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Patient Review by Katherine S

Very pleased with my level of care.

- Katherine S

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Patient Review by Vincent S

The nicest doctor ever.. Dr Guariglia. The nicest staff Jenn and Carolyn. I had to have an extraction of a back molar and I was terrifying but they made Me feel safe and secure and it was over in minutes.. Very grateful, they are a very, very Awesome group

- Vincent S

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Patient Review by Deanna B

Friendly staff! 🙂

- Deanna B

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Patient Review by Jacqueline socarides S

Come in to this office you will not be disappointed, rather pleasantly impressed.

- Jacqueline socarides S

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Patient Review by Ann Q

I refer everyone I know to Dr. First at Suffolk Oral Surgery. Not only is he an excellent Surgeon performing all kinds of procedures for me and my family but he is a wonderful person!! His Staff are all EXCELLENT!! From the Reception area to the assistants.

- Ann Q

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Patient Review by Adelyn M

For anyone considering going to Suffolk Oral Surgery, get it over with first of all and do it here! I went in for two extractions, left upper 2nd molar that was super erupted, due to it’s bottom counterpart tooth just never having grown in, and my front right canine, a baby tooth that recently started getting bad cavities (along with the adult tooth behind it in my gum-line, so technically 3 teeth). I was very nervous as I never had something like this done, only basically minor fillings in terms of dental work, and only a tonsillectomy in terms of other surgeries. I arrived on time and the staff was very pleasant and polite, answered all the questions I had and gave me detailed instructions on post op care. I took the deep sedation route because, well, just no for the other option lol. Dr. Jamdar was amazing, properly inserted the needle in my left hard, barely felt it and shortly are it was completely painless, and quick to ME lol. I felt like I was in the chair for 5 minutes but apparently this took an hour. The stiches were placed properly and even on day 1 (let me not jinx this) I am not in much pain at all, just uncomfortable at the fact that I cannot eat much or drink from a straw. The nurses (if that is the proper term, my apologies if not) were amazing and had such a caring touch to them, especially the woman who gave me that motherly care feeling by holding my right hand as the needle went in and the procedure started - and I am someone who doesn’t like being touched by my family/friends/partner all that much, so it was a shock of relief to have felt so at peace with everyone there. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I look forward to completing my work here with an implant for the canine soon!

- Adelyn M

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Patient Review by Victoria C

Ver professional-both kids had procedure done and both recovered so well. Very satisfied!! Dr. First was amazing!!

- Victoria C

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Patient Review by Ellen M B

The Stony Brook office went above and beyond for the caring of my mother. I can not say enough to the entire crew and surgeons that cared enough to stay late past closing to assist my mother and yet again on another day we returned and the staff just showed so much professionalism and compassion towards my mom and gave me the support I needed too.

- Ellen M B

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Patient Review by Anne Marie D

Wonderful staff, Assistants are really nice and compassionate. Highly recommend this group!!!!!!

- Anne Marie D

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Patient Review by Elisabeth D

My whole experience was 5 star. The staff is courteous and helpful and make everything go smoothly. Dr. First is patient and calming. Nothing is rushed. Everyone gives you the feeling that they are interested in you personally andf not just doing a job. I am so pleased that this practice was recommended to me.

- Elisabeth D

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Patient Review by Michelle S

The entire experience over at Stonybrook office was great! Dr. G. And his assistant Michael were FANTASTIC. I never write reviews but had to this time! I came in shaking like a leaf and cried during my extractions throughout the entire procedure all for NOTHING! I didn’t feel a thing! They explained each step, comforted me at each step, and made the whole procedure so smooth! I felt so silly being scared in the first place! I have been putting this off for way too long! The office is super clean, no wait I was in and out! I have to have 2 more teeth pulled and I definitely will be returning here! 5 stars plus!!

- Michelle S

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Patient Review by Craig L

Dr.First and his staff are wonderful Dr.First has a very calming demeanor and outstanding skill.

- Craig L

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Patient Review by Lauren

This was my first surgery ever and first time getting anesthesia so I was a bit nervous. Dr. Mundiya handled me perfectly and made me feel comfortable all while having a personality. The 2 helpers in the room were very professional. All were down to business and I was shocked that I felt ZERO pain the whole time! They go over aftercare with you too and make sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable while recovering. Almost wish I did one side at a time instead of all 4 teeth so I could go thru it all again! Thank you for making this process so effortless and enjoyable !!!

- Lauren

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Patient Review by James D

Very professional, knowledgeable, considerate and painless.

- James D

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Patient Review by Dhanmanie C

Dr Mundiya and his staff helped me after going to another oral surgeon who only made my situation worse. Dr Mundiya and his staff made me feel welcome and comfortable as well as being calm all throughout the process. Thanks for all your help.

- Dhanmanie C

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Patient Review by Jodie I

My visit to have a tooth extracted by Dr Jamdar and his asst Christine was wonderful. I was nervous going in, but they made me feel comfortable and calm during the procedure. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to have work done on their teeth.

- Jodie I

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Patient Review by Patty Y

This was such a great turnout. My daughter was nervous but everyone was so kind, Dr.First made her feel at ease with her procedure of having all four wisdom teeth out at the same time. He was gentle and answered all of our questions.I would recommend this office and doctor! Thank you.

- Patty Y

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Patient Review by Jacqueline H

I will recommend Suffolk Oral Surgery to everyone! The offices are wonderful. The reception staff are excellent and friendly. The dental staff are super. Alice was so caring and professional. Dr. First was just super. I was in a lot of pain and had swelling from the infected tooth and Fr. First explained everything to me and was gentle and friendly and so caring.

- Jacqueline H

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Patient Review by Barbara L

I was in and out so quickly, the dr and his staff talked to me while I waited for my numbing to start. Within a few minutes, I was done! Very professional and I would have done this sooner had I known this was how it was going to go! Totally recommend this practice!!

- Barbara L

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Patient Review by Michael D

Dr. First and his team located in the Smithtown office location were wonderful. I was quite nervous for a number of years about having my last 2 wisdom teeth removed however Dr. First put that all to rest. The procedure itself was totally painless and my recovery was a non-event. I would recommend Dr. First if you need any oral surgery.

- Michael D

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Patient Review by Stephen H

My entire experience at Suffolk Oral Surgery was a positive experience from booking my appointment through my teeth extraction and follow up. Dr. Jonke and his staff are very experienced professionals who put you at ease throughout the entire procedure. I highly recommend them to anyone needing their services!

- Stephen H

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Patient Review by Jonathan Perry

Dr First and staff are incredible. Great care and recovery plan. Couldn't have asked for better. Would recommend.

- Jonathan Perry

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Patient Review by Joelle C

I was in the Holbrook office last year and I had the best experience with Dr. Guariglia & everyone in the office was great! I 100% recommend this practice!! Thank you Dr Guariglia & staff!!!

- Joelle C

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Patient Review by Janine S

Dr. G was awesome. Made me feel comfortable throughout my procedure. Alice his nurse was awesome also. Very caring people. Thanks SO much!

- Janine S

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Patient Review by Lisa F

On Tuesday 8/25/2020, my son had his wisdom teeth out in the hospital and Dr. First did the procedure. Prior to the procedure his staff helped me with forms and pre-certification at the hospital and then my son had a visit to go over the plans for pre and post op procedures. The office at Suffolk Oral Surgery in Smithtown was immaculate and all staff wore appropriate PPE so we felt protected from Covid-19. My son has a very complex medical history and allergies to medication. He is also Autistic and has Anxiety. The Staff and Dr. First did all they could to prepare us and answer all our questions. They also called to see how my son was after his surgery. All went well and I am grateful for our incredibly talented Oral Surgeon, Dr. Christopher First and his staff at Suffolk Oral Surgery, who helped make this a safe and smooth process every step of the way!!

- Lisa F

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Patient Review by Eileen P

Dr. First is an incredible oral surgeon ! I was very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed and his ENTIRE staff was more than understanding, making me feel completely at ease ! I had an incredible experience here with Dr. first, he made my wisdom teeth removal PAINLESS !!! I had no swelling after the surgery, and such minimal pain after, Advil was more then enough to take care of any discomfort. It’s been a week since I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed and the healing process is going great all thanks to Dr. First and his staff ! I highly recommend this office, if there was an option for 100 stars that’s what my rating would have been. A HUGE thank you to everyone at this office for making my experience so quick and easy, you guys are the absolute best !

- Eileen P

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Patient Review by Diane H

Dr First is a remarkable oral surgeon. I have just completed my fifth & sixth implant, all performed by Dr First. There is minimal discomfort, not any pain. I have recommended family and friends to Suffolk Oral Surgery, they are the BEST!

- Diane H

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Patient Review by Richard D

This is a terrific practice. Everyone is personable and helpful. Explanations by both doctor and staff are thorough and offered without prompting. The people at Suffolk Oral Surgery make tolerable what is by its very nature an unpleasant experience. What more need be said?

- Richard D

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Patient Review by Christie R

Dr. Jamdar was wonderful. I had a lot of anxiety going into the office for my dental implant surgery, but his confidence and calm demeanor put me at ease. The procedure wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be! Pain was minimal the few days following. He really is great at what he does. His surgical assistants were amazing as well. Very compassionate. They turned an unpleasant situation into a positive one. I will definitely recommend this office to my family and friends.

- Christie R

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Patient Review by Frank C

Professional and caring staff. Definitely will recommend this practice to others. Thank you!

- Frank C

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Patient Review by Linda R

I almost never write reviews, but felt compelled to in this instance. I highly recommend this oral surgery practice. Dr. Guariglia & his assistant (can't remember her name, but she is engaged) were absolutely wonderful! They eased my mind, calmed my nerves, made excellent recommendations (sweet air), & generally made my extraction as painless as possible. TY!

- Linda R

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Patient Review by Alexander M

Any fears or worries I felt before the dental implant procedure were immediately dismissed as I was made physically and mentally at ease. I was always in the best professional hands I had a painless experience both during and on the days afterwards.I cannot believe that I waited so long to have the surgery when it was such a seamless operation

- Alexander M

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Patient Review by Jackie M

Dr. Jonke and his Stony Brook staff are amazing. They are professional, warm, caring and go that extra mile. If you're taking a visit to the oral surgeon - it's necessary. However, there's comfort in knowing that you will be in good hands with this Stony Brook team. They don't come any better!

- Jackie M

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Patient Review by Joyce K

Office staff incredibly nice, helpful and efficient. Dr. Jamdar exceptional. Explained procedure in great detail, very reassuring and gentle. Did not expect the surgery to be so easy.

- Joyce K

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Patient Review by Donald R

From the initial call to your office, the consultation, tooth extraction and followup - all was outstanding! Dr. First was exceptional- describing the problem I was having and the procedure for the extraction. His professionalism help relax my anxiety of the upcoming extraction. The whole procedure was quick - and the dental assistant was thorough in explain post operative procedure. Thank you Dr. First and team!

- Donald R

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